What do our Customers say about us:

Sean is an excellent teacher, providing a service that always goes above and beyond. 

The training provided was first class:

  • tailored to our needs and working contexts.
  • Drawing  from years of experience, working internationally with a full range of equipment.
  • We would thoroughly recommend Optimum Biomedical to anyone requiring medical equipment services.

Francesca Aras 
Biomedical Engineer
KidsOR (Kids Operating Rooms)

Mercy Ships, in partnership with Optimum Biomedical Ltd., contributed strongly to the capacity of our knowledge in the biomedical field.
We will always remember our brilliant trainers, Sean Ryder and Robert Shutt not forgetting Emmanuel Essah of Mercy Ships
This training helped me a lot, We often heard about measurement, control and test equipment without even having any access to it.
For years, we have intervened on biomedical equipment without making safety tests or functionality tests. This has the obvious poor consequences of returning equipment without even ensuring reliability of correct operation. But no longer is this the case.
We also carried out a large amount of practical exercises on many different types of equipment which has now given us the confidence and knowledge to work on the equipment and introducing preventive maintenance measures.

The course materials were very clear, explicit and easy to understand.

Diakhate Ousmane - Biomedical Technicien - Hôpital régional de Matam. Senegal


Personal relationships play a big role in the development of biomedical activities. The stable partnership between biomedical technicians from Senegal and the Optimum Biomedical team is crucial. It is apparent they we appreciate each other. Our needs are taken into account and our questions are also welcomed. Through Optimum Biomedical training, we have acquired the knowledge and skills required with the various test equipment and medical equipment.

I noticed that our requirements along with the complexity of the test equipment required professional tuition and with Optimum Biomedical, we have carried out a complete analysis of biomedical devices and their testing means. Everything was examined and an overall understanding of the existing test equipment was gained

Please accept, Mr. Sean Ryder, my very best regards.
Mbacké Sarr - Biomedical Technician - Chrein de Kaolack

Dear Tutors, we are very happy to show how important the training has been to us. Indeed, our own Hospital Director let us know that this training has given advantages in term of capacities and we are in the process of showing it in our biomedical work at our hospital. Once again all our congratulations on this course and we will never forget you Sean and Rob. 

Diop Gora - Biomedical Technician - Henrich Lubke de Djoubel

Dear Sean and Rob, 

I am particularly sad that the current situation with Covid-19 has prevented you from returning to train us on the additional course for advanced anaesthesia equipment maintenance. I pray that you will one day be able to return to us and continue the beautiful work you started. From my heart I thank you for everything.
Borice Mantane - Biomedical Technician - Hôpital Principal de Dakar


Dear Sean and Rob,

The training with Optimum Biomedical is the best training I have ever had after technical maintenance college. The training has complemented my original learning at CNFTMH. The Golden Rules help keep us safe. I say a big thank you to Optimum Biomedical.

Ibrahima Bodian - Biomedical Technician - Centre de Sante de Goudomp, Senegal

We thank you infinitely and we testify to the opinion that your commitment, your sense of listening, your strategy and thorough teachings, bear the fruit of the results obtained. From day to day we have evolved positively through the questions and answers at the start of the course. Including other strategies and means used by yourself and Rob. 
I stick to these remarks to really maintain that we liked and greatly appreciated the training of Optimum Biomedical
Thank you very much
Yoro Sow - Biomedical Technician - Touba

It is with pleasure that I write this line to demonstrate the gratitude, availability and professionalism of the Optimum Biomedical Team.
Thank you for your unfailing support.
Kade Kane - Biomedical Technician - Hôpital Regional de Tambacounda


As I have been a part of the Mercy Ships Medical Capacity Building Program - Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Training Course, I would like to provide my testimony to express my satisfaction with the quality of the training but also the pedagogy of the trainers of Optimum Biomedical Ltd. I have been a Biomedical Technician since 2008 but from today following this training I am able to communicate on a clinical level with clinicians and other medical officers about vital parameters of medical equipment, for example the electro-cardiogram (ECG) amongst many other pieces of medical equipment.

As for the trainers with their innovative methodology, I really have recognition towards them and their passage will accompany me throughout my professional career, especially with the Golden Rules

Sidy Niass - Biomedical Technician - Direction des infrastructures , des equipments et de la maintenance


Before the biomedical engineering training course, provided to us by Mercy ships in partnership with Optimum Biomedical Ltd, we lacked a solid maintenance system. But now we are able to meet the expectations of the Millennium development goals for our health system. The training has allowed us to be more operational in our responses to repair and the tool kits and test equipment has enabled us to carry out this work. We very sincerely thank you for the reinforcement of knowledge from the training course and we welcome you back to continue more training.

Babacar Gueye - Biomedical Technician - Hôpital Mbour - Senegal


The training was excellent, incomparable to the training we have done before, The Golden Rules and the Sequence of Events is more than enough on its own to carry out good maintenance on medical equipment. Then you have provided us with good quality tools and Fluke test equipment so i am at ease now when I am at work. Thank you. I will say Thank you very much and God Bless You.

Pape Seck - Biomedical Technician - Centre Hôpital Regional de Ziguinchor - Senegal