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The Secret Is Out!

You may have noticed Optimum Biomedical recently undertook a complete rebrand. A fresh new look was well needed as the previous branding had been the same since we launched back in 2019!

Optimum Biomedical is always showing up for its students and clients, but the old branding wasn’t doing the same for us! It didn’t translate enough as to what we do nor what we’re about… and that needed to change. What we now have is a clear brand that incorporates our passion for making meaningful connections and our firm dedication to our cause – a commitment to helping improve the care of patients in medical facilities worldwide (read more!).

So, while we may look a bit different, rest assured, we’re still the same great team offering you the same great global biomedical services (and so much more!). After all, it’s only a digital facelift… the team still look the same, except for one new addition – but more on that later!

For those of you who haven’t yet visited our new website and had a chance to check out our new branding, we invite you to take a look here.

Rob and Sean were recently in Dakar Senegal, carrying out what was initially an eight-week Biomedical Equipment Training Course for Mercy Ships, but which was extended to a full ten weeks so that the students could embark on more life-saving training. Knowledge is power!

Over the years, we have enjoyed a partnership with Mercy Ships, an organisation that deploys hospital ships to African nations to transform surgical systems and provide free surgery to those most in need.

This extended training encompassed Optimum Biomedical’s two-week advanced Anaesthetic Equipment Training Course. Students were provided with the opportunity to carry out full-service work on these complex machines, from replacing and installing a manufacturer’s service kit, removing the ventilator interface as well as the ventilator engine – it’s vital experience that truly is a matter of life and death.

Having just completed the full ten-week course, we’re pleased to report the students were extremely engaged and asking fantastic questions!  Visit our ‘Courses’ web page to learn more about the courses we offer.

Students arrived to the courses from a range of backgrounds and at varying levels within their careers. While they have been doing a remarkable job within their hospital settings, we often find students have not worked with any test equipment before, meaning they can lack the necessary skills, and tools, to carry out their work accurately. And that’s where Optimum Biomedical come in!

Mercy Ships have also asked us to provide a comprehensive tool kit for each, and every student who successfully completes the training under this partnership. Additionally, students are provided with a large range of Fluke biomedical test equipment to be shared between their respective hospitals.

With the right tool kits, equipment, and training, combined with the mentoring and ongoing support from Optimum Biomedical, patient care is significantly improved.

Optimum Biomedical is aware that the provision of spare parts remains an issue and is currently working to address, and alleviate, the situation. If you have any questions on this matter, contact a member of our team today.