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Training Collaboration Between Diamedica (UK) and Optimum Biomedical: Update

September 2021

‘With traditional training methods on hold due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, alternative ways of practical training were needed. Diamedica approached Optimum Biomedical to discuss potential partnership opportunities. 

Sean was due to deliver an eight-week program to Mercy Ships in Liberia, so we decided it would be helpful to join up our training goals. Sean would deliver Glostavent Anaesthesia Machine user training on behalf of Diamedica whilst he was in the country, saving global travel during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sean delivered three training sessions over six days, arming 18 students with full user, servicing, and maintenance training for the Glostavent Helix Anaesthesia Machine.

Trained healthcare providers will not only be able to use the equipment effectively in hospitals across Liberia, but also gain the ability to train other doctors and healthcare providers on the use of the equipment.

One student on the course said, “Having practical sessions instead of ‘just theory’ is so important and it helped us all to better understand the machine. We are grateful to Sean and the team at Optimum Biomedical for delivering important hands-on training to users.”

Diamedica is proud to offer lifetime support on all of our equipment and we are available to all delegates for future queries and questions regarding the use of their new machines.”

Jon Meek, Technical Director, Diamedica (UK) Ltd

Learn more about the training collaboration between Optimum Biomedical and Diamedica UK, here: http://www.diamedica.co.uk/english/news_detail.cfm?id=3264