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December 2021
The long awaited anaesthetic and ventilation equipment course that was supposed to take place in 2020 in Senegal as part of the Mercy Ships MCB biomedical equipment training program has finally taken place with 14 Delegates in Dakar Senegal. The delegates have enjoyed the course that was divided into two section, one providing the all important theory work and the extremely important practical hands on element. We at Optimum Biomedical Ltd. strongly believe that practical hands on work should always be a large part of any biomedical equipment training course. The delegates learned how to operate, test, strip down and reinstall all the parts of A GE anaesthetic machine including replacing a three year service kit. They learned about fault finding and how to verify outputs using a Fluke VT900A gas analyser unit.
We would like to congratulate all the delegates on passing this course and we look forward to their graduation ceremony on Friday 3rd December 2021. All the images from the course and the graduation will be placed in the gallery on our website as soon as possible after the ceremony. Thank you once again to Mercy Ships for putting their trust in Optimum Biomedical Ltd. again and enabling these courses to continue.

November 2021
On the 12th November the 2nd biomedical equipment training course in Liberia came to an end and we are pleased to announce the delegates produced some very good results. The delegate results are split equally with 50% for their practical work and 50% based on their final multiple choice exam. The achievements were two Passes, nine Merits and two Distinctions and the delegates should feel very proud of these results. Eleven of the delegates were from Liberia and Mercy Ships invited two delegates from the Cure International Group and they represented hospitals in Kenya and Zambia.
The training was split between our Managing Director Sean Ryder and Mr Hans Goldmann who is working for us on a contract basis. Mercy Ships has invested heavily in tools and Fluke test equipment to ensure the trained biomeds can now make a large improvements in their hospitals and therefore the outcomes for patient safety and health will also be improved.
Biomedical Technicians play such a key role in the health and well being of patients treated at their hospitals and the hope is now that after this training the Biomedical Technicians will become more valued as part of the overall medical team. please do go to our gallery to see the images from both Liberia courses.

October / November 2021
Here at Optimum Biomedical we are really pleased to be working in partnership with UK-Med
From UK-Med......."We’re excited to announce our new responses in Eswatini to support their COVID-19 responses, in partnership with the WHO.
Biomedical engineer Rob has arrived in Eswatini to deliver a four-week training course to biomedical technicians on the use of oxygen equipment which is essential for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.
In the New Year, Eswatini was hit by a surge of COVID-19 which also hit its neighbouring country South Africa at the same time. Eswatini was almost completely dependent on oxygen supplies from the larger country, and with the borders closed and South Africa’s own oxygen supplies in short supply, Eswatini was left with a huge oxygen shortfall – just 45% of the oxygen it needed, which had a devastating impact on patient care.
We sent a team as part of the UK Emergency Medical Team in late January 2021, and the team’s biomedical engineer Sean was able to support the Ministry of Health to plan for the installation of four national oxygen plants to enable Eswatini to provide more than 70% of its own oxygen supplies.
During this four-week follow-up response, Rob will be:
leading theoretical and practical training sessions on equipment testing, fault finding, maintenance and decontamination;
providing technicians with a ‘train the trainer’ session, to enable them to pass on their new knowledge and skills to technicians from around the country.
As Eswatini comes to the end of battling a third wave of COVID-19, with daily cases peaking at nearly 5000 per day in mid-August – nearly twice the number of daily cases during the second wave (Eswatini MOH) – this vital work will help to equip healthcare staff in Eswatini to be able to better manage the ongoing battle with the virus.

October 2021
As the world starts to open up for global travel again; Optimum Biomedical Ltd. have been very fortunate in continuing to work with their business partners, Mercy Ships, Cure International, UKMed, the UK Government, NHS and Diamedica.

Our Managing Director, Sean Ryder has completed the first biomedical equipment training course in Liberia for 11 Delegates from Liberia, one Delegate from Malawi (Cure International) and one Delegate from Cameroon (Mercy Ships)
The course was a great success and the Biomedical Training Facility within the grounds of the Ministry of Health compound is beginning to play a major role in the ongoing training of biomedical technicians from all over Liberia. This facility also handles the repairs that are not able to be completed on site at the hospitals. This is the first time we have seen a dedicated biomedical training facility turning into a centre of excellence.

Sean came back to the UK for a very short period of time before returning to Liberia again where, he is carrying out a second course with 11 more Delegates from Liberia and 2 more Delegates from Zambia and Kenya (Cure International). As our calendars are rapidly filling, we have decided to use the services of Hans Goldmann from Germany (living in Liberia) to help run the second course in Liberia allowing Sean to return to the UK to manage other project needs. Sean will be returning to Liberia in November for the final stages of the second course and will then meet our Translator Kenedy Chia in Senegal for an advanced anaesthesia equipment course and finally returning to the UK in December.

Our engineer, Rob Shutt has also been very busy serving our NHS Clients and UK Government contracts within the UK before flying out at the beginning of October to carry out a 4 week biomedical equipment training course in Eswatini (old Swaziland) through UKMed and the World Health Organisation. (more on this from Rob later)

We are also happy to be awarded further contracts with UKMed, Bedoc and the UK Government that are keeping us very busy to the point where we will be placing an advert for an apprentice to work on our UK projects and eventually join our projects overseas. We see this as a wonderful opportunity for the right individual. Details of this post will be provided on this website and also across our social media platforms in the coming weeks.

Thats all for now but please do come back for further updates on our projects globally.

Optimum Biomedical Ltd and Diamedica (UK) Ltd Training Collaboration

“With traditional training methods on hold due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, alternative ways of practical training were

needed. Diamedica approached Optimum Biomedical to discuss potential partnership opportunities. Sean was due to deliver an 8-week program to Mercy Ships in Liberia and we decided it would be helpful to join up our training goals. Sean would deliver Glostavent Anaesthesia Machine user training on behalf of Diamedica whilst he was in country, saving global travel during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Sean delivered 3 training sessions over 6 days, arming 18 delegates with full user, servicing, and maintenance training for the Glostavent Helix Anaesthesia Machine. Trained healthcare providers will not only be able to use the equipment effectively in hospitals across Liberia, but also to train other doctors and healthcare providers on use of the equipment. 

One delegate said;
“Having practical sessions instead of just theory is so important and it helped us all to better understand the machine”  

We are grateful to Sean and the team at Optimum Biomedical for delivering important hands-on training to users. Diamedica are proud to offer lifetime support on all of our equipment and we are available to all delegates for future queries and questions regarding the use of their new machines.” 

Jon Meek, Technical Director, Diamedica (UK) Ltd

See the link below for the Training Collaboration between Optimum Biomedical Ltd and Diamedica UK

A Great training collaboration between Diamedica UK Ltd. and Optimum Biomedical Ltd.

In June 2021 we at Optimum Biomedical Ltd. were approached by Diamedica UK Ltd. to see if we would be interested in providing theoretical and practical training for a maximum of 18 biomedical equipment engineers on their Glostavent Helix anaesthesia machine that they were supplying to the country. The delegates are all currently working within hospitals from all regions of Liberia.

We were due to provide an 8 week training course starting later in the same month to the same delegates so it made sense for Diamedica to engage services, saving global travel in these challenging times of the Covid pandemic. 

The training was conducted over three two day sessions inviting 6 delegates to each two day session.

The training commenced with Sean Ryder providing a theoretical overview of the machine as a whole and then as separate elements, so that each delegate had a good understanding prior to taking part in the practical elements of the training. 

The practical element was first demonstrated by the trainer and then the delegates were placed into pairs and worked together to carry out the following: 

·     Understand, Identify and explain the entire workings of each part of the machine including the internal pipework, electrical wiring loom and safety devices.

·     Carry out preventative maintenance to the Oxygen concentrator including, filter cleaning and changing, fault finding, solenoid valve replacement, sieve bed replacement and compressor major service.

·     Changing the batteries in the UPS 

The delegates received the training very well and all passed the practical assessment and the written exam on the second day. 

The comments from the training were as follows:

“The best aspect for me was, the entire breakdown of the machine and understanding everything”

“Having practical sessions instead of just theory is so important and it helped us all understand the machine better”

And below our work with UKMed

We made it into Press 'Bedford Today'!

A Bedford biomedical engineer has joined an international emergency health charity UK-Med to help fight the pandemic in Djibouti, East Africa.

Rob Shutt, together with a doctor and two nurses from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Benin are providing specialist training to healthcare workers to prepare for a future surge of Covid.

The charity - UK-Med - is training staff in four hospitals in the capital, Djibouti City for three months

The 26-year-old from Kempston been supporting teams to install, use and maintain critical care equipment including ventilators and oxygen supplies.

Rob said: "Once the assessments were done, we realised one of the first issues we needed to highlight was around precautions when interacting with medical equipment.... so thorough decontamination processes, the wearing of appropriate PPE and equipment safety inspections."

Rob has worked as a biomedical engineer for five years supporting organisations in the UK and across Africa. He currently works for Optimum Biomedical in Milton Keynes.

Following a very successful deployment with UK-Med our Managing Director Sean Ryder is back in the UK. The UKEMT Team Lead and Orthopaedic Surgeon Andy Kent, wrote a great article on the UK-Med deployment to Eswatini as part of the UKEMT. See the link below to read the article

Rob Shutt tells us about his time in Djibouti (June 2021)

My time in Djibouti consisted of having 4 hospitals needs assessed to see how we could help prepare them for another wave of COVID-19 cases. The problems were generally mutual and some of them could be corrected with training and encouraging good practice.  

Some of the problems that needed to be addressed first of all was general safety and the need to recognise the risk with handling equipment that has been used on COVID-19 patients. No one was doing any thorough de-contamination procedures of medical equipment and any related appliances. Their first reactions would be to dive in and interact with the equipment therefore, a system was put in place to slow down the user and think before they act to ensure they don’t put themselves at risk or increase the likelihood of others being infected. COVID-19 is only one element to be wary of there can be many other bacteria and viruses that thrive in hospital environments.  

Another way to slow people down before rushing in headfirst was to promote thorough visual tests of equipment. Scenarios were incorporated to highlight the possible faults we can miss if this isn’t carried out. Visual tests allow the clinician and technicians to know if the unit is being used to its full potential – suction machines were being used improperly with suction tubing on the wrong connections and suction filters in the wrong place. Items like oxygen concentrators didn’t have filters in place or were not properly washed. We also carried out demonstrations ensuring we don’t damage components by connecting them in the wrong place – e.g. with patient monitors and their applied parts. 

There were opportunities to test outputs for oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines, suction units and hospital pipeline & bottled supplies for oxygen. During the time we were in Djibouti we also helped commission new ventilators & CPAP machines for a dedicated COVID-19 unit. The standard of the new equipment is good so it was great to see they will be well suited to responding in the future when required. 

Due to the circumstances with treatment around COVID-19, oxygen generation has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind. There was an opportunity to see the current output and advise where it could potentially be increased. The hope is that with some further development opportunities the current setups in place will be able to efficiently manage ebbs and flows of demand and to allow for any down time with maintenance schedules.

June 2021

Well its been a very busy time here at Optimum Biomedical Ltd. Following from the deployment in Eswatini, we have had lots of requests for our training programs and as covid restrictions tentatively ease across the globe, we have once more returned to Africa with Mercy Ships who have decided to continue running our biomedical equipment training course in Liberia. Sadly the ship can not be with us but we are still able to run the course with the logistical support of the Mercy Ships in-country team. So our Managing Director is teaching our full course from June through to the end of August. He has a class of 13 talented biomeds who will be learning new skills and working with new test equipment and tooling that stays with them following the training. This is key to their ongoing ability to maintain and repair life saving equipment. Meanwhile Rob Shutt has been on deployment through UKMed working in Djibouti alongside the World Health Organisation as part of the covid response team. Rob has been helping organise oxygen supply systems and generation plants to help the country treat covid patients. (more from Rob later). So our workload has increased further more with a proposed training course in Senegal in early 2022, a possible training course in Eswatini, Benin and Kenya. So watch this space!!

May 2021

With the tragic events in India all of our stocks of the Oxygen Concentrators are at zero. Our suppliers have also had their stocks sent out to India and we have been informed that due to the sheer amount of back orders, stock availability will not be able to be replenished until the 1st week of July. We apologise for this delay but please understand, these are unprecedented times. We will update the site when new stock becomes available.

Our thoughts are with India at this challenging time.

March 2021
Following a very successful deployment with UK-Med our Managing Director Sean Ryder is back in the UK. The UKEMT Team Lead and Orthopaedic Surgeon Andy Kent, wrote a great article on the UK-Med deployment to Eswatini as part of the UKEMT. See the link below to read the article.

Feb 2021
Well what a crazy year 2020 was and still in 2021 we find our selves battling this virus. Our Managing Director Sean Ryder has deployed with UK-MED as part of the UKEMT to Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) which is  part of the FCDO covid-19 global response. You can see some details below. It goes without saying that Optimum Biomedical Ltd. is very proud to a part of the UKEMT

The team working in Eswatini  includes Sean Ryder, a biomedical technician. Sean is training teams in how to maintain and repair oxygen concentrators - which is critical as COVID-19 continues to impact people's daily lives.

19th November 2020
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19th October 2020
We have revamped our online store so it's much easier to find your way around and select your purchases. Why not give it a try right now! just click on the button below:

2nd October 2020
We are very pleased to announce that we are now able to take payments within 'Our Store' by:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Bank Transfer

22nd September 2020
So we now have our online store where you can purchase our Virtual training courses and we also have our Pre-owned medical equipment section. VAT invoices will be forwarded electronically with each purchase (if applicable). Just click on our                  'enter our store' button in the navigation bar.

We will soon be selling other medical goods from this store too. We are in the process of becoming distributors of new medical devices from a range of manufacturers and as soon as this is complete we will have product catalogues available.

So as ever watch this space for new and exciting offers.

18th September 2020
Well it seems a long time since our last news update. We have been very busy trying new ideas and looking a ways to improve what we do. We have a few announcements to make:

  • We are about to launch our online store (21/09/2020) so that it is even easier for our clients to purchase our virtual training courses
  • New product lines will be added so keep an eye out by clicking on the 'enter our store' button in the navigation bar
  • We are also happy to announce that we are going to be adding medical devices from some major manufacturers to our online store in the coming weeks
  • We are very happy to announce that we will be adding a 'fundamentals' of X-ray imaging element to our training courses early 2021
So there is lots to look forward to and hopefully as the world starts to open up again post pandemic we will be able to be fully back to our face 2 face training on a global scale once again. That said we have made a decision to continue our virtual training sessions too for the foreseeable future.

31st July 2020

So it is time for another update, the response to our advert on our you tube channel has been phenomenal and it has opened up so many opportunities for us. We have now gained new clients and have moved into new areas of training e.g. specific equipment training and bespoke courses for UK based companies.
We have seen increases in take up of our biomedical equipment  servicing, testing and calibration services and we are on target to double our clients in this area by the end of 2020.
As social distancing has began to be relaxed we have been able to get back to face to face training with some of our clients whilst others have continued to use our Virtual Training Platform. So we are very happy to report that our adaptations to our business have been successful so far and we are currently looking to add a missing element to our training courses, but more on that next month. So watch this space  and remember to stay safe, be kind to others and keep positive in these testing times.

25th June 2020

Well, what a year we are having, I don't think anyone could have imagined that the world would be in such turmoil and so many lives lost and families affected. Our hearts go out to them all. Adding to this the economic disaster that the government is trying hard to control. Not a pair of shoes anyone would like to be in!!! Many businesses have found the struggle too hard and have very sadly had to close their doors. However, some businesses have been fortunate enough to adapt rapidly and we are very pleased to say that Optimum Biomedical is one of those. 

So Optimum Biomedical set to work and have been really busy setting up their virtual classroom training which includes "face to face" engagement, break out rooms, live training which we consider a crucial part in delivering via our learning platform. We've been testing it in Africa with great results and have now started to deliver training here in the UK.   We are also busy now delivering our calibration, servicing and testing of medical equipment locally and further afield. 


Don't forget our You Tube video just click on the button above this news update.

2nd April 2020

Following a very successful training course in Senegal, we are pleased to be getting testimonials back from the delegates. We will add these as they come in. Please go to our new  testimonials page to take a look at what our customers are saying.

1st April 2020

Covid-19 Impact
Sadly as this virus takes a grip on the world we have had to cancel the additional course in advanced anaesthetic equipment training in Senegal. Mercy Ships have sadly had to leave Dakar and are now docked in Tenerife until further notice. Gladly though we managed to complete the main course and as you will have seen, the delegates achieved some great results. Hopefully we will be able to return to Dakar later this year to complete what we started there. We are now operating from home following Government advice. Keep a look out for new information as we are now busy developing our courses and adding new ones via our virtual classroom. So training will still be face to face just virtually. We will be doing live practical sessions and also creating some pre-recorded sessions for people to get a taste of what we do.

Stay Safe - Stay at Home - Save Lives

31st January 2020
We are happy to announce that all of our delegates in Senegal have now completed the Biomedical Equipment Training Course.
We have had some excellent results with 2 Distinctions, 15 very high Merits (5 of which were just 1 point off of a Distinction!!!) and 1 Pass

So congratulations to all 18 Delegates, we are very proud of you.
They will all return to training in six weeks time for the advanced anaesthesia equipment training which lasts for another two weeks.

29th January 2020
So today is the day of the delegates final exam. They have worked extremely hard and we are very proud of their achievements so far. We would like to wish all of our delegates the very best for their exam and we hope to see some amazing results later today. 
We had time yesterday to get some group photographs shown below:

24 January 2020 
Week eight in the third block seemed to fly by.

The first two days was spent with the Train the Trainer element. We have extended this to two days now and the results have been excellent. We trained the delegates in techniques that will help them pass on their knowledge, how to hold meetings with colleagues and also with their management. We taught them how to write professional emails and letters to manufacturers and suppliers so that they may be able to start building their own business relationships in regard to obtaining information such as manuals etc. We also covered presentation techniques and during day one they worked in teams of six people, we gave them topics on known biomedical equipment scenarios and they presented to us at the end of the day. Whilst their efforts were very good, they did make a lot of errors, for which we offered our feedback. During day two we gave them new topics on problems within their hospitals, regions and country, in relation to biomedical equipment. At the end of day two they once again presented to us and the change was amazing, they were very professional, very interesting and very impressive.

The next two days were spent fault finding on equipment in which we had previously installed faults. This really tested the delegates, but they all coped very well and all managed to find the faults and repair them over the two days. They followed the sequence of events we have taught them, and they agreed it really does work well. On Friday the delegates learnt more details about ultrasound machines, how to test them and work with phantoms. The images below show this weeks training:

17 January 2020
With the start of the new year and the start of the third block in Senegal on the Biomedical Training Equipment Course things have been picking up speed nicely, The first week back back has seen the delegates complete all of their mandatory practical assessments and all that is left practically for them in this block is the fault finding session which we are looking forward to next week. We have created many faults in all of the equipment used for training and it will be very interesting now to see the delegates using their new skills to find the faults and rectify them. They will be following their sequence of events which we have trained them to use. This is designed to keep them safe whilst working on potentially dangerous equipment, it also ensures clinician and patient safety too.

As we move into week 2 of block 3 we will be spending time teaching the delegates train the trainer techniques so that they will be able to pass on their knowledge to other work colleagues therefore multiplying the effect of this training. The images below show the delegates working during this week. 

If biomedical equipment training is of interest to you or your organisation please do contact us using the 'contact us' page. A member of our team would be very happy to discuss any requirements you have.

Optimum Biomedical Ltd. is very pleased to announce that Kenedy Chia from Cameroon has now joined our team as our dedicated freelance Translator. Kenedy has been translating all our documents for the training courses but has now agreed to be our dedicated translator on each 11 week course in a french speaking country. This is an important stage for us to have our own translator who knows the course inside out including all the technical terminology.

13th December 2019
  • So block 2 is now complete, bringing an end to the sixth week of this biomedical training course. We have seen the delegates carry out some amazing work over these last two weeks. Their newly learnt skills coupled with their existing experience and knowledge has produced excellent results. Fault finding and identifying faulty parts is key to being successful in our industry, sometimes the faults have been fairly obvious, sometimes the faults have been very difficult to find. However the delegates used all their skill and education to solve many problems. Their team work; in a controlled manner is developing perfectly with discussions and plans being made before attempting a repair or service.
  • We were very happy to have a visit from a French group who have been working with Senegal for many years trying to improve the maintenance of medical equipment in medical facilities.
  • We were also honoured to have a visit from the Minister of Health of Senegal which gave the delegates a boost to see that they are being supported in their roles at the highest levels.
  • The course program pauses now for Christmas and we will return for the start of Block 3 in January 2020.
  • Below are some images from the past 2 weeks:

30th November 2019

  • One week into Block 2 of our Biomedical equipment training course in Senegal and we have seen our delegates complete and pass their electronic assessments. We witnessed some first class soldering techniques and a much improved system of working. The delegates are taking on board all our comments and absorbing the training and producing some great results. We have been working on the Fluke QA-ES III electro surgical tester and the Fluke VT900 Gas Analyser, while still carrying out practice sessions with Fluke safety analyser and patient simulator. The delegates have shown their skills in following service manuals and being able to remove components from  a large range of medical equipment and install service kits that keep the equipment operating safely and correctly.
  • The delegates now know how to verify equipment outputs, decontaminate equipment safely and how to carry out repairs. They have much work still to complete but are absorbing and recalling the information very well.
  • Below are some images from the training this week. 

15th November 2019

  • So, we have reached the end of Block 1 of the Biomedical equipment training course in Senegal. The course has been very successful so far. The delegates have told us that they have learnt so much new information and skills and that they have really enjoyed it. They have been working hard this week on the practical elements starting with the Fluke safety analyser and the Fluke patient simulator. They are now able to work alone using these pieces of test equipment whilst carrying out other practical elements of the course. They have also completed stage 1 of the electronics practical with stage two taking place when we return to deliver block 2 in just one weeks time.

  • Block 2 is another three week section that will see the delegates stripping down many types of equipment, fault finding, installing service kits and training on all the other Fluke test equipment that we have  here for them. We also have to keep the theory elements in their minds as it is key to their understanding of the practical elements. We do this by providing Q&A sessions everyday and as each  day progresses the questions become more in depth and harder to answer. This ensures that the delegates fully understand what they have been taught.
An important note about this training:
We are often asked if we can teach delegates without any practical element to keep the costs down!
  • This type of training must have both theory and practical elements to ensure that the delegates are trained to the best they can be by the end of the course. This coupled with our ongoing support program will enable these people to make a real difference in patient care in their hospitals, whilst keeping themselves, the clinicians and the most importantly the patients safe. We see and hear of many courses offering just a theory element, but this alone will never produce the results required. Of course the internet and online courses have a part to play and if they are structured properly can be very helpful; however if they are poorly created they become no more than equipment familiarisation courses, which for biomedical technicians and engineers is next to useless. So if you are going to invest in any form of training for your technicians or engineers please ensure you will be provided with a well thought out practical element including tools and test equipment.
The Tool Kits
The delegates were given their personal toolkits this week that they only get to keep if they pass the course. These toolkits have been designed and developed to enable each delegate to carry out the practical work required in a safe manner without damaging the equipment. The tools cater for all types of work including the many mechanical elements involved in biomedical equipment maintenance as well as the obvious electrical elements. The kit shown below contains high quality tools made in the UK, Germany and America. Their high quality ensures they will last a long time if looked after properly.

In addition to these tool kits each delegate will have a decontamination kit that will be used to keep themselves safe from the risk of infection and disease and also keep the equipment clean so as not to pass infections to the patients being connected to the equipment.

9th November 2019

  • Time is flying so fast now, thats another week completed and the 18 delegates have been very busy absorbing all the theory side of this intensive training course. By the close of business on Monday 11th November we will have completed the theory element of our course. Then we will be ready to start the much awaited practical elements of the training. We are using Fluke biomedical test equipment and we provide in-depth introductions to this equipment so each delegate will feel confident when it comes to using them in conjunction with testing, inspection, fault finding and preventative maintenance. There is still much work to be done over the remaining 9 weeks but we are in a very good position with the delegates ready to dedicate their time and energy into getting the absolute maximum out of this course. We wish them the very best of luck as they continue their personal development.

4th November 2019
  • With the first week of our biomedical training in Senegal with Mercy Ships Complete. We have 18 delegates eager to learn new theories and especially eager to get to the huge new practical elements we have in store for them. We have many Fluke Biomedical Testers for them to train on  and also many different medical devices to strip down, repair, carry out fault finding exercises on and fit service kits to. This type of hands on biomedical training is very rare but is proving to be a much needed program and we are seeing a lot of interest. Mercy Ships have requested this training  as part of their MCB Program and we are very proud to be working alongside such a front running organisation that sees a need then does all it can to ensure the best possible outcomes are provided. This is an 11 week course spread over 5 months, it is very intensive and as part of the arrangement with Mercy Ships we have supplied much needed medical equipment that will come into use after the training and we have introduced our new ongoing support platform that is proving to be a success with the delegates already.

28th October 2019

  • So today we start our biomedical equipment training course in Senegal. To get to this point has taken a huge amount of Logistical planning, trials and development. Saturday was spent unpacking everything that our shipping partners DHL Global Forwarding delivered safely and on time. The team at Mercy Ships have been amazing in choosing a training venue and facilitating so much pre course work. Below you will see the classroom set-up before and after the unpacking of the crates. We will place regular updates here and across our social media. You can find links to Facebook and Instagram at the bottom of our home page.

Tuesday 8th October 2019

  • In preparation for our forthcoming work in Senegal with Mercy Ships we have reached an important milestone today.  Our 10 crates have left the storage depot in Milton Keynes and are being transported by DHL on the long journey to Senegal.  They arrive in 10 days and will all be cleared in time for our Biomedical Training Course to commence.

Friday 4th October 2019
  • Our Managing Director Sean Ryder was fortunate to be included in the Mercy Ships UK launch of the #ChangeTheOdds campaign at the House of Commons yesterday. The event was a huge success for Mercy Ships UK detailing how the British Governments Department For International Development (DFID) has agreed to match any donations through to the end of this year and this demonstrates how trusted and effective in it’s work Mercy Ships has become known. Donations to Mercy Ships UK do so much to bring positive change to the lives of thousands who do not have access to safe surgical procedures. It goes without saying how pleased we are to be a part of this amazing organisation. Optimum Biomedical Ltd will be leaving the UK on the 25th October 2019 to join the Africa Mercy where she is docked in Senegal to begin our 11 week CPD accredited Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Training Course.

Tuesday 1st October 2019
  • We are pleased to report that on 1st October 2019 Alison Ryder has joined Optimum Biomedical Ltd. as Support and Systems Administrator for 2 days per week.  Alison is Seans's wife, she has worked for the NHS for 29 years mainly as a GP Practice Manager. Alison is excited about her new role, whilst there is a lot to learn, Alison is enthusiastic to be able to support Sean in his business venture. Alison enjoys walking and musical theatre

17th September 2019
  • We are very proud to announce that we have recently been awarded CPD accreditation for our 11 week top level biomedical equipment training course.

  • Optimum Biomedical Ltd. are looking forward to begin our journey to Senegal as strategic partners with the amazing organisation Mercy Ships, to deliver our 11 week top level CPD accredited biomedical equipment training course. We will be training 18 delegates from different hospitals and organisations from Senegal.

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