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Mercy Ships MCB Biomedical Equipment Training Program Completed

December 2021

The anaesthetic and ventilation equipment course, which was supposed to take place in 2020 in Senegal as part of the Mercy Ships MCB Biomedical Equipment Training Program, has finally taken place in Dakar Senegal with 14 students.

The students have enjoyed the course that was divided into two sections; one provided the all-important theory work, the other, provided an extremely important practical hands-on element. 

Optimum Biomedical strongly believes that practical hands-on work should always be a large part of any biomedical equipment training course. The students learned how to operate, test, strip down and reinstall all the parts of a GE anaesthetic machine. This included replacing a three-year service kit. Additionally, they learned about fault finding and how to verify outputs using a Fluke VT900A gas analyser unit.

Huge congratulations to all the students on passing this course! We look forward to their graduation ceremony on Friday, 3rd December 2021.

All the images from the course and the graduation will be placed in the gallery on our website following the ceremony.

Thank you, Mercy Ships, for putting your trust in Optimum Biomedical once again, and enabling these courses to continue.