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Graduation Ceremony

It may be the end of the course, but it’s definitely new beginnings for our course participants!

So that’s it… Another ten weeks of intense training with another 19 participants from Senegal. That means a total of 36 participants from 34 different hospitals have completed our most recent training course.

That may not sound too impressive when you read it, but look at it from another angle…

That’s potentially hundreds of operations, in a single month, able to go ahead because the Biomedical Technicians we have trained are better equipped, better prepared and more confident in their abilities to carry out their work. Biomedical Technicians ensuring the medical equipment is safe and fit for purpose, exactly as the manufacturers intend.

Clinical decisions can be made confidently knowing that the equipment has been tested regularly and the outputs verified accurately through the use of patient simulators and various types of analysers.

The participants on our courses are very talented but have usually not had the help and support that they deserve. By learning more organised and more methodical approaches to problems and by working logically and slowly, these Biomedical Technicians now won’t miss vital steps. They’re better aware of the dangers of cutting corners and understand what they should be doing instead.

They have also come to realise they are a critical component of a talented team of professionals who are dedicated to the safe, successful surgery and aftercare of the patients.

Of course, not everything we taught our participants was entirely new, but it supported and expanded their knowledge, showing what small improvements they can make which will have a huge impact within their medical facilities.

They are acutely aware of the complexities in obtaining the right medical equipment with the correct patient connections and disposables. Which means misuse faults are reduced. And, they have learned to take extra care of the equipment they have.

In the Western world, we take for granted that everything required for surgeries and patient aftercare will be available, not to mention fit for purpose. If a piece of equipment breaks down, it can be obtained from any number of wards or surgical theatres on site.

Sadly, this isn’t the case in low to middle income countries. Everything is hard. Only one of those pieces of equipment may be available within the entire hospital!

Patients in these countries, therefore, depend entirely on the Biomedical Technicians to keep the equipment available, and running. The environment, the lack of resources, among many other factors, are constant worries. So, when we hold our training courses, we ensure its relevant.

We realise they still have a long way to go but now, with our support and commitment from Mercy Ships, Biomedical Technicians have a real chance of making a positive impact!

The graduation ceremony was sadly a relatively small affair due to increased COVID risks, but it was a real pleasure to witness the participants receive their well-earned certificates. They have worked incredibly hard, as well as put in enormous effort!

And so, it is to new beginnings – a new dawn which we’re eager to see grow and not become a wasted opportunity for real change.

Well done to every participant we trained in Senegal – you are all amazing! Never stop learning and never stop asking questions. And together, we can make a difference!

Graduation Ceremony