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Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions…

What forms of service does your company provide?

At the core of our business, we provide the supply of quality medical equipment and biomedical equipment courses. We also offer inspection and testing of biomedical equipment services for government organisations, hospitals and surgeries.

Do you offer free courses?

We are unable to offer free courses at the moment. From time-to-time, however, opportunities arise where we may be able to assist in obtaining funding sources to help potential participants.

Do your participants need to have a certain level of experience to qualify for your training courses?

Our courses are designed for individuals who have a general understanding of the subject matter. They usually have a minimum of 12 months’ experience in the field. Each application is then assessed separately, and every potential participant is asked to complete a pre-acceptance test to be eligible to join our training courses.

What is the maximum number of participants you can train at one time?

The maximum number of participants we train at any one time is 18. This allows us to guarantee that each participant is given the correct amount of dedicated support throughout the training.

Are there any age restrictions for your courses?

We accept participants from ages 18 to 100! Of course, it is our duty of care to ensure that qualified participants will be in a position to use their qualifications in the workplace.

How long does your training take?

Our training ranges from one-day courses and weekend courses to our Biomedical Equipment Training Course, which consists of up to ten weeks spread over five months.

What support will participants receive once all the training has been completed?

There is ongoing support for all participants who complete our courses. Participants will be introduced to our dedicated office support team.

What credentials do participants receive upon completing an Optimum Biomedical course?

We have been given accredited CPD status for all our courses. CPD certificates will be awarded to all participants who complete this course. These certificates are recognised in over 1,600 centres around the world.

Is Optimum Biomedical a charity and/or does it have charitable status?

Optimum Biomedical Ltd. is a commercial company. It is not a charity, nor does it hold charitable status.

Do you provide test equipment for your training courses?
State of the art Fluke biomedical testing equipment is provided for our eight-week Biomedical Equipment Training Course. For our other courses, however, test equipment is dependent on agreements with the funding organisation.
Do you provide tools for your courses?

Yes, all the tools required for the practical elements are provided.

Are participants allowed to keep the tools and test equipment after the course?

This is all dependent on the funding organisation’s decision.

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