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Optimum Biomedical offers a CPD Standards Office accredited training program, which is recognised in over 1,600 locations worldwide.

 These courses are designed for people who work within the industry and wish to enhance their learning to gain global certification.  

Using Fluke Biomedical test equipment, participants will learn how to use:

Safety Analyser (ESA615)

Patient Simulator (Prosim 8)

Gas Analyser (VT900A)

Electrosurgical Analyser (QA-ES III)

Defibrillator Analyser (MP7000)

Pressure Tester (Comark)

Plus, each student will – organisation dependent – receive a comprehensive toolkit, which includes an NIBP calibration kit, a decontamination kit filled with examination gloves, safety glasses, face masks, universal surface wipes and specialist medical equipment wipes. 

Keeping equipment is dependant on agreements with the funding organisation.

 Available courses


Biomedical Equipment Training Course (eight weeks)

Split between four weeks of theory and four weeks of practical work, across a range of medical equipment, participants will comprehensively learn the physiology of how the human body works and how the medical equipment they service works in relation to it. Once completed, participants will be able to communicate, at high levels, with clinical staff. This is critical in understanding and resolving any issues with the equipment.


Advanced Anaesthetic Equipment Course (two weeks)

This predominately practical course goes into further detail on how to replace parts and install service kits. Participants will learn how every element of an anaesthesia machine works: the breathing system, ventilator, anaesthetic pipework, vaporisers, power systems, reserve cylinders and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems. We recommend this follows the eight-week course.


Compact Course (four weeks)

The Compact Course is designed to provide training for organisations with smaller budgets. Similar to the eight-week course, the same content is provided without delving into as much detail on each subject. And instead of learning all test equipment, only usage of the most essential equipment is taught.


Optimum Biomedical considers the environment and health of the world. All courses have been designed with this in mind. Instead of printed training materials, participants are now provided with 8” tablets, with the entire course uploaded. participants will be allowed to keep these devices to use and communicate with Optimum Biomedical for any ongoing support.


Optimum Biomedical uses sustainably licensed shipping crates and continues to reduce the amount of plastic waste used in packaging.

“As I have been a part of the Mercy Ships Medical Capacity Building Program – Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Training Course, I would like to provide my testimony to express my satisfaction with the quality of the training but also the pedagogy of the trainers of Optimum Biomedical. I have been a Biomedical Technician since 2008 but from today following this training I am able to communicate on a clinical level with clinicians and other medical officers about vital parameters of medical equipment, for example the electro-cardiogram (ECG) amongst many other pieces of medical equipment. As for the trainers with their innovative methodology, I really have recognition towards them and their passage will accompany me throughout my professional career, especially with the Golden Rules.”


– Sidy Niass – Biomedical Technician, Senegal, Africa

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