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Biomedical Equipment Training With a Difference

Managing Director, Sean Ryder, and Biomedical Engineer, Rob Shutt, are currently in Dakar Senegal. They are carrying out what was initially scheduled to be Optimum Biomedical’s eight-week Biomedical Equipment Training Course for Mercy Ships, which they requested to extend to cover more training, therefore spanning a full ten weeks.

Optimum Biomedical are incredibly privileged to continue their partnership with Mercy Ships to provide biomedical equipment training courses to countries on the continent of Africa. The training courses have been specifically designed for students and each course is reviewed and improved upon, post completion.

This extended training will now include Optimum Biomedical’s two-week advanced Anaesthetic Equipment Training Course. All 19 students will be provided with the opportunity to carry out full-service work on these complex machines. Including replacing and installing a manufacturer’s service kit, removing the ventilator interface as well as the ventilator engine – it’s vital experience which can be a matter of life and death.

Students arrive to the courses from a wide range of backgrounds and are at varying levels within their careers.  While they have been doing a fabulous job within their hospital settings, we often find students have not worked with any test equipment before, meaning they can lack the necessary skills, and tools, to carry out their work accurately. And that’s where Optimum Biomedical come in!

There is an increasing amount of training courses available that rely either entirely upon online learning or theory lessons out of a book. At Optimum Biomedical, we believe that theory, whilst a critical part of any learning, should always be reinforced with corresponding practical elements, which is why our training courses are comprised of 70% practical, hands-on work.

Once the classroom training ends, it’s essential to follow up the learning with high-quality mentoring to ensure the students get the most out of their experience with Optimum Biomedical. Every student deserves to walk away from our courses confident and feeling an integral part of the biomedical community. And, this is why, every student is offered ongoing support, be that through the supply of information, answers to queries, encouragement when they face difficulties, and assistance with any fault-finding problems. Over the years, we’ve built some amazing relationships with our students, some of which we’re still actively supporting today!

Mercy Ships have also asked Optimum Biomedical to provide a comprehensive tool kit for each and every student who successfully completes the training under this partnership. Additionally, students are also provided with a large range of Fluke biomedical test equipment to be shared between their respective hospitals. 

And, if that wasn’t enough, students have also been given brand-new Lenovo tablets, which is Optimum Biomedical’s easily accessible digital, and environmentally friendly, way of providing hundreds of pages of course material.

With the right tool kits, equipment and training, combined with the mentoring and ongoing support from Optimum Biomedical, patient care is drastically improved.

Rob and Sean off to senegal